Welcome to Zuzu's Kitchen

Are you tired of your convenient but inconsistent corner store pizzeria that serves 'food' that you regret eating the next day? Are you sick of being overcharged for that fresh slice of fancy 'gourmet' pizza? We feel your pain!​

Quality food at affordable prices!

At Zuzu's Kitchen we care about YOU and take great pride in serving our delicious meals made with only the highest quality fresh ingredients. Whether you are looking for a tasty gourmet pizza or a unique twist on a traditional favorite sandwich, Zuzu's Kitchen aspires to be your one stop shop.  The best part - all without hurting your wallet.

Among the Highest Rated Restaurant

in Philly!!


From the Customers


Lawrence W.

"Tomato pie is 10/10. Super flavorful and filled with garlic and basil. Zuzus chicken sandwich and the boneless wings are amazing too. Best neighborhood joint!"


Lauren P.

"I had the joy of living across the street from zuzus for a year. The only bad part about this is I just wanted to order zuzus every day because it is SO good. The food is so good and the people are so friendly."


Mike Barber

"Absolutely the best food I've had in a while. Everything is handmade from scratch by the hospitable chef/owner. Very fresh and tasty!"